Sober Meatball Day Involves Shooting The Sh** On The Sky Ride [Video]

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10/9c, but you don't have to wait till then to check out the raw footage. Throughout the week, we'll sift through the Jersey Shore Dailies to make sure you're getting your fill of the crew in Seaside Heights. Check out the latest featured clip below.

Blast from the past! Snooki and Deena take to the sky ride during Season 3 filming in 2010.

In the "Jersey Shore" days of yore, Snooki and Deena--better known as Team Meatball--kept the party going until the town (and surrounding towns, for that matter) were painted red. These days, though, with Nicole pregnant and D sorting through more than her fair share of inner turmoil, things have been a bit tamer. Still, when these two get together, trouble is bound to follow--sober, drunk or otherwise!

The meatballs take to the clouds--and the sky ride--in this Jersey Shore Dailies clip, and when alcohol isn't fueling any gossip, their words amount to pure poetry. "The water looks actually blue," Snooki observes as the tide creeps in under her suspended feet. "Yeah, it looks good!" D agrees before asking some fellow riders if they "do sex," only to discover "they're like 12." Whoops! You can take the drink out of the girl's hand, but you can't stop her signature lewd commentary. And hey, why would you want to?

Check out the clip for some sober boardwalk fun!

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Photo: Winslow/Prahl/Splash News