'Teen Mom 2' Tot Isaac: Which Parent Does He Look More Like? [Photos]

Can this side-by-side help you decide who Isaac's channeling in the looks department?

Awww he's a big boy now! "Teen Mom 2"'s Kailyn Lowry recently shared pics on Twitter of her son Isaac looking all grown up and showing off his latest prezzie. "My new hat," Kail tweeted on behalf of her toddler, who rocked a hardcore skull-and-crossbones ski cap in the candid shots. Twenty minutes later, she followed up with another adorbs pic of Isaac getting some shuteye. "My little boy," she updated.

Fans quickly weighed in on who they thought the cutie resembled. "Looks just like Jo.. Those lips!!" insisted one fan, referring to baby daddy Jo Rivera and his bee-stung smacker. "Aw Kail he looks just like you, you're so lucky :)," asserted another commenter. A different follower thought he's more of a hybrid: "Looks so much like Jo! But def has Kail's nose."

+ The masses are divided! There's only one way to settle this democratically: a vote, duh. Tell us: Who do you think Isaac looks like more: Mama Kail or Daddy Jo?

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Photo: @kaillowry