Leah Breaks Down After Saying Goodbye To Ali And Aleeah [Bonus Scene]

Leah and Corey's romantic relationship may be over, but the two are committed to keeping things civil for the girls' sake. Their custody agreement states that Corey gets them three weekends a month, and in this bonus scene from tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Leah hands over the twins so they can spend time with their father.

As the young mother tries to explain to her tots who they're headed to see ("Daddy has to have his time with you too," she tells them), they repeatedly utter "noooo" and "mommy!" which makes it even harder to let them go. As Leah reaches her destination, she seems surprised by the sight of Jeff, Corey's dad, who's come by himself to pick up the kids. And as she leaves her babies behind and swiftly gets back inside her car, she's overcome with emotion and breaks down. "S**t, s**t, s**t," she mutters through her tears. "It's okay, I'll get through this." She drives off alone, no doubt crushed by the fact that these routine goodbyes are forever in her future. Take a look:

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