'Catfish' Poll: Should Kim Have Given Matt A Chance?

For 10 years, Kim and Matt kept up an online friendship with all the makings of a future romance. Having chatted often throughout their high school days and twentysomething life trials, the pair shared private jokes and deep secrets. Kim always dreamed she could one day call Matt her out-and-out boyfriend, but Matt resisted...that is, until Nev came along and brought them face-to-face on "Catfish."

After traveling from rural Michigan to Washington, Kim met her flesh-and-blood crush for the first time. She was already in a relationship, but said she needed to see Matt at least once before she made a solid commitment to her boyfriend. And though Matt was every bit the fun, sweet guy she'd gotten know over a decade, he weighed in higher than expected (600-plus pounds), and revealed that his body insecurities had prevented him from ever taking the next step with her. Ultimately, Kim chose to remain "just friends" with Matt, saying that neither he nor her current beau stacked up to her ex, who had committed suicide, but it wasn't clear if Matt's looks had any effect on her decision.

+ Should Kim have given Matt a chance, or was she smart to label him as a friend, break things off with her boyfriend and focus on herself for awhile? Take our poll and tell us what you think!

Should Kim have given Matt a chance?

  • Yes, their connection was real.
  • No, she was sincere about needing time to heal.

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