'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Barbara Have Bailed Jenelle Out Of Jail?

Since this season's premiere of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle's been struggling to fight her pot cravings and stay clean. After failing a probation-regulated drug test--which should have sent her to jail--her lawyer was able to negotiate continued probation, saving her from the slammer. But Jenelle, sick of being under the microscope, actually considered swallowing the jail sentence so she could put the whole legal matter behind her, once and for all.

While weighing the pros and cons, it was clear that her mom was planted firmly in the probation camp, rationalizing that rehab had given Jenelle the willpower to quit smoking pot. However, Jenelle thought the short jail time was a better option, as she once again claimed that staying drug free for so long was just not possible. When a Ke$ha concert threw a wrench into the mix, it was unclear which option Jenelle would choose, but before she could decide, she failed yet another random drug test and was arrested on the spot.

Jenelle called her mother to bail her out, but Barb, fed up with all of the drama, flat out refused. "When are you gonna learn?" she asked. "You keep smoking weed...well you know what? Sit in jail and pay the price." That's a harsh pill to swallow, but perhaps that's the kind of (very) tough love Jenelle needed to help her get on the straight and narrow.

+ Do you think Barb was too hard on her daughter? Take the poll, plus check out MTV's Act blog for information about what to do if you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse issues.

Was Barb right to leave Jenelle in jail?

  • Yes, Jenelle needed to experience the consequences.
  • No, she should have bailed her out.

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