Leah's Little Girl, Ali, Proves To Be Wise Beyond Her Years

Ali is one smart cookie.

Leah Calvert's daughter, Ali, has had her fair share of struggles since birth. She got off to a slow start walking, experienced problems with her vision (she now wears prescription glasses), and, if you'll remember, there was a time on "Teen Mom 2" when an appointment at the geneticist's office terrified Leah that Ali would face developmental difficulties for the rest of her life. But the family had a lot to be thankful for this weekend when they learned that Aleeah's twin sis is not only at the same cognitive level as her fellow 2-year-olds, but potentially well beyond it.

"[Ali] had a evaluation and scored beyond a 5-year-old's level cognitively," Leah tweeted to the amazement and praise of her social media followers. "God makes the special ones smart as a tack," one replied among a sea of other congratulatory offerings. Those soon-to-be kindergarten classmates better mind their Ps and Qs--we very well could have a future valedictorian on our hands!

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Photo courtesy of @TM2LeahDawn

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