Max Says 'Catfish' Turned Him And Nev Into Worried Parents [Video]

As MTV's "True Life" producers know full well, filming a documentary-style series can become quite personal the more time you spend with your subjects, and Max and Nev of "Catfish" developed a strong connection to every person they followed. Max talks about the level to which he and his buddy became attached in the video interview below, and says that every time he and Nev watched someone take a wrong turn, it was difficult to restrain themselves from stepping in and steering the situation in a more positive direction. Of course, all they could do was sit back and observe.

"We were emotionally invested in every single one of the stories--it's hard not to be," Max shares. "You spend enough time with one person and you find out all about their life just want the best for them. You want to see this work out." He also relays that the who's, what's and why's of each experience created a thick suspense that was more intense than he was anticipating. Judging by the fact that Kim's virtual relationship has been 10 years in the making, we can only imagine the twists her upcoming episode will see...

Check out Max's sentimental words, take a look at the best and worst to come from the show and tune in to an all new "Catfish" tonight at 11/10c!

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