This Just In: Barb LOVES Fractions [Bonus Scene]

After the first day at a new school, it's almost a guarantee that parents will bug their kids about all the gritty details. So when Jenelle comes home from class in this bonus scene from "Teen Mom 2," she sits down with her mother, Barbara, to recap the day. She likes her history teacher a lot, but math class may just pose a problem...

Jenelle mentions that her math teacher made the students jump head first into the evil world of fractions, to which Barb can barely contain her delight: "I LOVE FRACTIONS!" she shouts, absolutely beaming at the thought of reducing pesky partial numbers down to their lowest common denominator. Jenelle stares at the woman who raised her, completely dumbfounded by her sudden geekout, as Barb continues: "I'm so good at fractions! Oh, they're so fun! Fractions are fun. I love fractions. I'm an expert at fractions." Okay, Barb, we get it. You. Love. Fractions. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Jenelle can't stand them? Oil, say hello to water.

See Barb's enthusiastic display of fraction worship below, and don't forget to tune in Monday at 10/9c for an all-new "Teen Mom 2."

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