'Jersey Shore' Sneak Peek: Angelina's In The Hooooouse

"There's no way that anything's going to ruin the fun that we're having this summer," Mike says in the below sneak peek of MTV's upcoming "Jersey Shore." HA! Has he learned nothing over these past three years? You know what they say: It's always the calmest before the storm. And this storm's sporting a lacy blue tube-top. HELLO!

It turns out the housemates' long lost pal, Angelina, is back in Seaside Heights for a taste of summer nightlife--and Jenni's bug-eyed expression when she spots "Trash Bags" is nothing short of appalled. For relatively new viewers: Ang left the show on Season 1 after fighting with oh, everyone. And then for a second time, on Season 2, for the same ol' same ol'. She quietly popped up once before during the cast's 2011 Seaside stay, but this time it doesn't look like she's going to fly beneath the radar so easily. "I know I ain't chillin' by the dumpster, but I smell trash," Ronnie says. Ah, the comfort of old friends...

+ Check out the impending Angelina run-in-of-doom, and tune in to the next episode of "Jersey Shore" on November 29 at 10/9c!

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