The 'Jersey Shore' Meatballs Channel Martha Stewart For Christmas [Photos]

Meatballs take Manhattan!

Ah, remember the good ol' days, when our spunky "Jersey Shore" guidettes partied all night long on empty stomachs? Well, now it seems they hardly ever leave the house! New mom Snooki, once an avid fan of day drinking, now tweets her delight over holiday decorating and imbibing beverages of the non-alcoholic variety. "Is it sad that I get really excited to drink my Starbucks? It makes my day," she shared last week. The newly domestic diva also posted a pic of a really yummy-looking homemade lemon chicken dish! She sure has come a long way since this disaster.

And Snooks isn't the only meatball who's been hittin' the kitchen these days--Deena has gone all Martha Stewart on us, too! "First batch of cookies for thanksgiving with himynameischrisx .. We da best bakers lol," she tweeted along with a shot of the chocolate-drizzled goodies she made with her bf. But the couple didn't stop there. For their second batch, they whipped up some reindeer-themed sweets, and later on she added a THIRD pic of some cute paw-printed cookies. From guidettes to real housewives: the transformation is complete! (If you have any leftovers, ladies, you know where to send 'em!)

A smattering of Deena and Chris' confectionery delights.

Photos: Splash News and @DeenaNicoleMTV

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