'Underemployed' Poll: Was Sophia Smart To Break Things Off With Laura?

For Sophia of "Underemployed," the acts of coming out and entering into her first lesbian relationship were a package deal. In fact, if we're pitting the chicken against the egg, the writer technically started dating lawyer Laura before she even officially identified as gay. Ultimately, this set the tone for what eventually became a comfortable relationship--maybe too comfortable--and when Laura volunteered to pay for Sophia's phone after it was dropped into the toilet, a red flag went up. Sophia realized she might have been missing out on the careless, wild days of young love, and was, instead, burdened with a too-mature relationship.

Sophia first started to feel like Laura's pet project when Laura tried to guilt her into attending a professional dinner function. Sophia was frustrated--she'd already told Laura she'd committed to Miles and Daphne's tequila-tasting event--and when Laura looked down at the phone she'd purchased like it was a means to sway Sophia, the former Donut Girl got pissed. So much so, that when she finally did make it to the Madura unveiling, she found a young, hot bartender and spent the night making out with her in a bathroom stall. Sophia came clean to Laura in the aftermath of her indiscretion and told her it was time for her to spread her own wings and fly, but we wondered: Was the breakup sincere, or was she just trying to justify her guilt?

+ Tell us what you think--is Sophia really over Laura, or is she just trying to escape?

Was Sophia smart to end her relationship?

  • Yes, she needs to date around and get a sense of herself.
  • No, it was a cop out because she cheated.

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