Pauly D Speaks Out For Suffering Animals [Video]

The "Jersey Shore" cast offered their full support to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts during MTV's "Restore The Shore" telethon, but that wasn't the end of their altruism. Pauly D is now teaming up with the ASPCA to give a voice to animals affected by the storm. Earlier today, the DJ tweeted a link to a new spot featuring him cuddling with a furry co-star. "It's official! Check out my PSA for @ASPCA! So happy to help #animalsinneed #sandypets." And not that it matters, because a good cause is a good cause, but we sure don't miss that sad Sarah McLachlan song that's become synonymous with seeing ailing pets onscreen.

Alvictims of Sandy--human or otherwise--need a helping hand right now, so we take our hats off to Pauly for shedding light on an often forgotten casualty of natural disasters. Check out his PSA, and if you're interested in lending support to our four-legged friends, go to

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Photo: Matthias Clamer

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