Max And Nev Describe The Best And Worst To Come From 'Catfish' [Video]

From the outside looking in, "Catfish" might seem like a series of train wrecks just waiting to happen, but the show's two producers, Max and Nev, agree that most endings-to-come aren't unhappy ones. In fact, in the videos below, they venture to say that all of the episodes will see at least a bit of hopeful resolution.

"It was my goal to make every episode end well," Nev tells us. "...meaning that people felt better about themselves, learned something, got the closure that they needed." But does that mean we're in for a season of lovers letting bygones be bygones and running hand-in-hand into the sunset? Definitely not. Max shares that among the bright spots, there's one particularly explosive episode fans should watch out for.

"We really didn't see it coming," Nev says vaguely of the upcoming revenge-tale, in which the self-made detectives become a virtual pawn. "It was very murky and dark and manipulative." Morbid curiosity = officially triggered.

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