Move Over, Cupcakes! Lauren Conrad Says Pies Are In Vogue

LC carves into a cake to celebrate her 25th birthday in 2011.

Kick rocks, cakes-for-one, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Once believed to be the peak of confectionery trendiness, the cupcake is now old news according to Lauren Conrad. The former leading lady from "The Hills," who is no stranger to birthday revelry, recently told E! News that pies are the new personal dessert. Ready your rolling pins, ladies and gents! And don't forget to preheat that sh**.

"I've been on a pie kick lately!" LC told the site. "I think pies are the new's my prediction!" And these aren't empty words, friends--Ms. Conrad is putting her money where her crust is and has plans to invest in key lime, pumpkin and pecan delights with a line of "eco-conscious insulated pie carriers." Worried that your sweet creation will have cooled by the time you cross your grandma's threshold? Not a chance. Not on Lauren's watch.

+ Ready to hop on the pie train with LC? Tell us if you're on board with coconut cream & co., or if you're sticking with that good ol' fashioned cupcake. (This is serious business!)

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Photo courtesy of @RembrandtFlores