Jenelle Won't Let Jail Get In The Way Of Her Ke$ha Concert [Sneak Peek]

We already know Jenelle's probation isn't going as smoothly as planned, as she failed her second drug test on the latest "Teen Mom 2." So when Dustin, her lawyer, poses the option of either a short stint in the slammer or even more probation in this sneak peek from the next episode, Jenelle opts for it quick and dirty. She'd rather spend 16 days in jail and get it over with than almost a year taking drug tests under constant supervision. That is, until she realizes the court's proposed dates conflict with her top-notch seats to a Ke$ha concert.

Look, we understand the value of a good concert. But when the law is involved, it might not be in anyone's best interest to use their favorite singer as a defense. "That's not gonna fly with your probation officer," Dustin says, as Jenelle explains how she can't miss Ke$ha--even for jail--because she spent money on clothes, hotels and feather extensions to prepare for the show. He tries to reason with her and explain the importance of having all her legal woes behind her as quickly as possible, but she won't budge. "It's not just a concert. It's Ke$ha." Watch out, Dustin--Jenelle has spoken.

+ Let us know if you think Jenelle will take Dustin's advice and skip the concert after you check out the sneak peek below. And don't forget to watch an all new "Teen Mom 2" next Monday at 10/9c.

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