'Catfish' Poll: How Much Do Looks Play Into Your Ideal Relationship?

While on the way to meet her virtual boyfriend for the first time ever, exotic dancer Trina contemplated her exclusive online relationship and sighed, "Love make you do crazy things." Sadly, as Max and Nev expected, Lee (a.k.a. Scorpio), was not the ripped-up stripper he'd claimed to be, and the man Trina thought she knew was nowhere in sight. Trina's shock was palpable when Lee, who was actually a father of four, popped out of his brother's house to greet her. As soon as she laid eyes on her Catfish, she knew she'd been duped. See, Scorpio had the build of the Statue Of David and Lee... did not.

Though Trina was infuriated, she realized that her connection with Lee was not insincere as soon as they started talking. Yes, he'd lied... about a lot... but he was still the same person who said he loved her, who had plans to marry her someday and, most importantly, didn't even slightly judge her for her occupation. In a blind world, he'd have been a perfect match, but Trina seemed so put off by how different he looked from the man she thought she knew, she wasn't sure if she could keep the wheel turning, romantically. Ultimately, she and Lee decided to remain friends, but could they have been more?

+ Tell us: How much do looks factor into your prospective relationships? And if Lee looked different, would this episode of "Catfish" have told a completely different story?

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