'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Kailyn Cut Off Ties With Her Mother?

Kailyn's relationship with her mother has gone from bad to worse to virtually non-existent. On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Kail tried to extend an olive branch to her mother because she was stressed out and feeling completely alone, but she was greeted with radio silence. "My mom was a single mom, so I felt like I could call her and just give it one last shot," Kail explains in the "Teen Mom 2 After Show" clip below. The idea that her mother wouldn't even entertain her phone call--going as far as to block her number--is heartbreaking, but the ever-cool Kailyn took it in stride and looked elsewhere for comfort.

After her mom gave her the cold shoulder, Kail reached out to her ex, Jordan, who received her with caution. He suggested they meet in the park, where they ultimately reconciled. When asked by "After Show" host Maci Bookout why she would reunite with someone she admittedly didn't love, Kail shares that she wanted an intact family for Isaac. "I was like 'I can do this, I can make this work even if it's not meant to be,'" she tells Maci. How long she and Jordan work out remains to be seen, but as far as her mother goes, she says she has "no intentions of ever talking to her."

+ Kail seems intent on moving on with her life without her mother in the picture, but we want to know if you think closing that door is a good idea. Check out the video, and take the poll!

Should Kailyn keep trying to get in touch with her mom?

  • No, if her mother's not willing to talk, it's not worth Kail's time.
  • Yes, when it comes to family, there's always a chance to fix things!

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