'The Situation' Tweets Himself Into Quite The Situation!

Well, we knew that Mike was back on the market after he made it officially unofficial with Paula, but we had no clue he was taking it to the Twittersphere to meet the ladies...until now! Earlier today, Sitch became the latest victim of Twitter/Direct Message confusion when he accidentally posted his phone number instead of DMing it to one lucky lady. Immediately after realizing his mistake, he tweeted again: "Oo sh:::t." No kidding!

Since the digits have already been retweeted over one thousand times, rather than get mad at his mistake (or delete it), Mike chose to revel in the attention by going on a tweet rampage about his phone being off the hook, encouraging fans to call him until his number gets changed. We'd screenshot it for you, but trust us, it's worth going to his page to see his internal monologue play out. And it looks like there may be a happy ending to all of this! One of Mike's last posts read "Wow think I jus found my new wifey !" Let's just hope he gave his new number to this gal--on a piece of paper.

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