Exclusive Sneak Peek! Thanksgiving Gets A Little Too 'Real' For The 'Happy Endings' Crew

Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. channel 90s grunge on the next "Happy Endings."

Whether a holiday gathering at home involves uncovering your pizza-faced yearbook photos or stumbling upon a cheesy love letter penned to the person who took your V-card, there's something about seasonal merriment that pairs particularly well with public humiliation. And on ABC's next "Happy Endings," the gang cozies up on the couch to watch a lost "Real World" season that just happens to have starred a dread-locked Brad and a still-in-the-closet Max. Let the mortification begin!

"Real World: Sacramento" sees the light of day for the first time in the sneak peek of Tuesday night's episode below, and Alex, Dave, Penny and Jane anxiously await an episode that features their visit to Max, Brad and the pair's fellow five strangers. "Oh, God, I belong on camera!" Penny squeals as she and her Rachel Green 'do give a much-appreciated nod to the '90s. (Jane and Dave give her some competition, though, whose pink bob and long middle-part, respectively, are the stuff of an experimental Nirvana knockoff). Still, the limelight ultimately turns sour for Brad and Jane, and the married couple find out their relationship wasn't always so solid. DAMN THAT HOT TUB!

Awkwardness? Eyeball-eliminating cringes? Sounds like Thanksgiving to us! Check out the video, and get a load of some never-before-seen "Real World" nostalgia when "Happy Endings" airs Tuesday night at 9/8c on ABC!

Casey Wilson or Rachel Green? She and bud Adam Pally yuck it up during filming.

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Photos: Richard Foreman/ABC