Seaside Heights' 'Hot Cherry' Is One Hot Tamale [Bonus Scene]

You never know what a walk on the beach might bring you--maybe you'll stumble upon a perfect spiral shell or a collection of polished sea glass. Or, if you're Vinny or Ronnie of "Jersey Shore," you'll find a Trenton, New Jersey, native who calls herself "Hot Cherry Dipped In Chocolate" and has a penchant for twerking in the surf.

The guys find quite a character while enjoying a day at the beach in the bonus scene below--but is she enough to make Vinny renounce his celibacy? "I'm just walking, and all of a sudden I see the most beautiful creature I've ever seen in my life," Vinny says of the mystical "Hot Cherry." "As she walked, time stopped. That's how beautiful she was."

Sadly, the guys' time with Hot-C is fleeting, as she only plans to stick around Seaside for the day. Karma will have to go on without her, and all Vin will have left to remember her by is their goodbye-grind in the summer sun.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you think the star-crossed lovers will find each other again someday!

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