MTV Twitter Roundup: Jasmine Hangs Up Her 'Challenge' Boots

It is a sad day, but we must report that all the "Challenge" house's fine glass valuables are now safe. Enemy-to-all-mirrors and the Jekyll to Rasheeda's Hyde, Jasmine officially announced her "Challenge" days are over earlier this week, after she and CJ were eliminated on the latest episode of "Battle Of The Seasons." We'd have gladly swallowed seven years of bad luck if it meant she'd stick around for a little while longer.

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse, Jasmine's competition Devyn, had quite a conflicted reaction to the Hall Brawl elimination round, while Beau Mirchoff of "Awkward" was able to hammer down his sentiments about being named one of People's sexiest men quite easily. And it was the simple things that kept Aubree, Chelsea's little girl on "Teen Mom 2," occupied. You heard it here first: Toilet paper is the new potpourri.

+ Check out what some of your favorite MTV stars and cast members had to say across social media this week below!

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