Which 'Battle Of The Seasons' Rookies Are Vets In The Making?

CT. Wes. Tonya. Evelyn. Katie. Paula. We don't know about you, but when we hear these names all we think is "Challenge," "Challenge," "Challenge." The fights, the hook-ups, the drama. OH! The Drama! Our favorite s**t-starters, repeat winners and super sluts from the "Challenge" days of yore aren't getting any younger, and the less we see of them, the more we're starting to notice Rookies taking the reins from certain token cast members.

With so many Rooks left in "Battle Of The Seasons," we're learning that not only is there a new generation stepping up and ousting the same people who were once unstoppable (cough, Wes, cough), but they're all showing traits of Vets that have come and gone and will forever live in infamy. So which newbies are poised to become the new power class of "Challenge" competitors? Here are our predictions...

The new Wes is... Trey. -- There's a reason Trey was dubbed "Wes Jr." on day one. Both are egotistical, both are arrogant and both got sent home before the halfway mark. The only difference here is that Wes' bark is usually as bad as his bite, as he's made it to the final 3 times and won once. Trey...has a ways to go. But if he keeps up the 'tude, he could easily slip into Wes' bad-boy footsteps in the near future.


The new CT is... Zach. -- Big and not-so-friendly giants with a mean streak, nobody would want to cross either of these Hulks in a dark alley. Though CT curbed his intimidation a bit in later seasons, his scary, towering existence is present in Zach, who has dominated "BOTS" with San Diego so far, through brute force, screaming matches and a bit of humility. Even though these guys tend to fly off the handle, there's a soft side in there...somewhere!

The new Katie is... Marie. -- Talk about a s**t starter! Katie was always out to prove and defend herself, even when nobody was paying attention. Marie's been taking a chapter out of the Katie playbook, and has been pissed when she's not in control all season long. Look at what happened during the "Insane Games," when Laura stepped up to try and do St. Thomas a solid. Marie bitched and moaned about Laura's weaknesses until Laura ended up on the chopping block in The Arena. She's well on her way to being Katie 2.0.--all she needs is a good cat fight...

The new Ev is... Sam. -- These two are both feisty and don't take any crap from anyone. When backed up against a corner, Evelyn always tuned out the haters and came back with a vengeance. Because of her ferocity, she's tied with Veronica for the most female wins in "Challenge" history. Sam showed her Ev stripes on "BOTS" by saving her team from elimination (after being barked at by them constantly) and proved to be tough as nails. We think Sam's determined to become the third girl with three wins, and we can't wait to sit back and watch her fight her way to the top.

The new Paula is... Nany. -- Crying, getting teased by teammates and threatening to go home? We've seen it all before. Paula's played the "I'm going home!" card more times than we can count, and Nany's well on her way to matching her this season. Though, another thing these ladies have in common is that they both seem to make it pretty far in the game, regardless of their ever-present tears. Will Nany turn it out and end up in the finals like Paula has so many times before? Anything's possible!

The new Tonya is... Knight. -- It is NEVER cool to throw someone else's clothing in a pool! NEVER!





+ Notice any other Rookies morphing into Vets? Leave your pairs in the comments!

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Photos: Rene Cervantes, Piotr Sikora and Jason Campbell