'Challenge' Ladies Ditch The Drama To Help Their Neighbors In Need [Video]

Devyn, Diem and Paula pose with their new tees.

Maci and Catelynn of "Teen Mom" were a world away from the worst of Hurricane Sandy, but for New Yorkers Devyn, Paula, Marie and Diem of "The Challenge," the brunt of the storm was just outside of their windows. The girls chatted with us for a bit tonight before helping out with MTV's "Restore The Shore" fundraising efforts, and Paula--who's admitted to having a screw or two come loose during her "Challenge" days--said she was happy to put the drama aside for a second to help people in need.

"Usually we act like jerks on TV and compete for money, so it's nice to come together and act like ladies and raise money," Ms. Walnuts commented in the clip below. "People look at Jersey Shore as just a vacation spot--it's not, it's a home for a lot of people that lost their true homes. It's really important to build that back up."

And building it back up doesn't seem so daunting when surrounded by like-minded people, Devyn said. "It's sort of like being with family," she observed of the collection of MTV talent that surrounded her. "We know people would do the same thing for us, and living in New York...we feel a sense of community, and we really want to give back any way that we can."

Diem, who'd experienced many a hurricane during her college days in Florida, said this was unlike any other, and when the power went out in Manhattan, it was interesting to see how much information social media provided her.

"Social media was actually your news," she said, noting the photo of the famous Seaside Heights roller coaster submerged in the Atlantic was especially moving to her. "That image to me was like, 'woah!'" she said.

Check out the ladies' firsthand account of Sandy-survival below, and watch the full "Restore the Shore" special.

Watch highlights from the special:

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Photo courtesy of @DevynSimone