Overheard On MTV's Celebrity-Packed 'Restore The Shore' Set

Vinny's ma, Paula, and his Uncle Nino, all dressed up for a good cause!

There's so much going on in our "Restore the Shore" studio right now, we've kind of forgotten how to string together a proper sentence. (We're one post away from being reduced to bullet points!) Luckily, we've got a very talented onset spy feeding us thorough notes...

Apparently, Uncle Nino is the life of the party at the phone bank. Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes was overheard yelling "DAMN, NINO!"... just a few minutes after Dylan O'Brien rang Nino's wooden duck to tell him it sounds like farts. Yes, you read that correctly. Oh, and we hear that Roger Mathews smells really good. JWOWW, who was greeting callers with a "Hello, this is Pizza Hut!" is one lucky lady!

Jenni's best friend, Snooki, is also accompanied by her fiance, but she took a break from getting snuggly with him to snap a photo for Instagram with Melissa Gorga from "Real Housewives of New Jersey." The two chatted about Baby Lorenzo while Melissa's husby Joe patted Jionni on the back. Guido bonding!

On a more serious note, Deena was spotted comforting her summer landlord/boss, Danny, as the package featuring the remnants of his Shore Store rolled. This night is a powerful mixture of melancholy and hope.

Watch highlights from the special:

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