Maci Bookout On Seaside Heights Devastation: 'It's Upsetting For The Whole Country' [Video]

Catelynn and Maci of "Teen Mom" lend their support to "Restore The Shore."

"Teen Mom" Maci is from the South, and Catelynn hails from the Midwest, but when they caught wind of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused New York, the Jersey Shore and surrounding areas, they say it affected them all the same. The two young ladies are on hand tonight at MTV HQ to help draw donations for "Restore The Shore" reconstructive efforts, and they urged those who are still without power, homes or loved ones to hang in there and know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Late-night phone check-in with Tyler?

"It's such a huge place for America," Maci says in reference to the now-iconic Seaside Heights and nearby New York City in the video below. "It's upsetting for the whole country when a big place like this gets hit." She says the storm didn't touch her hometown, and Catelynn only saw some minor flooding, but both were committed to joining fellow MTV talent to help those struggling through the tough times. "It's gonna be nice to be together for this," Maci commented before heading off to the phone bank.

+ Check out the interview clip, and remember: You can text SHORE to 85944 any time to make a direct $10 donation!

Watch highlights from the special:

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Photo courtesy of @MTV.