Tyler Posey And Dylan O'Brien Are Having Sober Fun At MTV's 'Restore The Shore' Event [Video]

Stars from your favorite MTV shows are currently mixing and mingling in our Times Square studio, waiting to hit the phones LIVE for our "Restore the Shore" telethon at 11/10c, and while not all of them were personally affected by Hurricane Sandy, they each have friends and family struggling to get back on their feet. In the below video clip from our pre-show interviews, Dylan O'Brien of "Teen Wolf," who was born and raised in New Jersey, shares that his aunt sadly lost her home. "It's a gnarly thing," he says of the destruction on the coastline. "Seeing the roller coaster in the ocean, it was the scariest thing." His castmate, Tyler Posey, adds that "It literally reminded me--and everyone else I've talked to--of 'The Day After Tomorrow.'"

But tonight's event is not a somber occasion--everyone's brought their A-game to help raise money for the people of Seaside Heights. "I'm stoked to be here," says Posey. "We usually see these people at other functions, at after parties and stuff like that, but now we're actually here, we're all sober and clearheaded, and we're doing something for a good cause." And there's one person he's really looking forward to meeting now that the whole fam is in the house: Danny from the Shore Store! Crossing items off of bucket lists left and right here at MTV HQ tonight, ladies and gentleman!

Watch highlights from the special:

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