The Duck Phone And Other MTV Stars Prep For 'Restore The Shore' In Times Square [Photos]

Molly Tarlov is ready to help "Restore The Shore."

The wrath incurred by Superstorm Sandy might have been confined to the East Coast, but the images of the devastation resonated across the country. Homes were destroyed, the "Jersey Shore" boardwalk was swallowed by the sea, and sand and water blocked roadways to the point where certain areas became accessible only by helicopter. Tonight, MTV is airing a LIVE "Restore The Shore" telethon at 11/10c through which you can help rebuild Seaside Heights, and some of our favorite shows' talent, as well as some actors and musicians with personal ties to New Jersey, are here at MTV HQ to show their support.

Already our offices are buzzing with the sound of philanthropy, and Diem Brown of "The Challenge" has joined actors like Molly Tarlov from "Awkward" and "Teen Wolf"'s Tyler PoseyDylan O'Brien (guess he did have a reason to work toward lengthier locks...) and Crystal Reed to pitch in. Even stars like Dakota Fanning have stopped by Times Square to lend a helping hand, and in the event that any of our visitors run out of steam while burning the midnight oil, Gym Class Heroes and Phillip Phillips are both in the building with performances planned. Not too shabby! Oh, and, of course, your favorite "Jersey Shore"cats members are here to offer words of encouragement.

Check out some of the talent you'll see later, be sure to tune in to the "Restore The Shore" livestream tonight at 11/10c and text SHORE to 85944 any time to make a direct $10 donation!

Former Seaside Heights inhabitants get ready for some fundraisin'.

Tyler might be half-beast by midnight, but he's still here to help.

A woman not unfamiliar with struggle, Diem Brown is here to encourage donations.

Dakota Fanning takes some time out from "Twilight" press tours to help "Restore The Shore."

Parents Snooki and Jionni move to rebuild the town where they met.

Gym Class Heroes rehearse for a performance with...the duck phone?!

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Photos: @MTV and MTV Facebook