That's What You Said...About Vinny Guadagnino's New MTV Show

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Ellen DeGeneres might have a stronghold over the daytime talk show market, but with the late-night contenders it's anyone's game, and MTV is placing its bets on Vinny Guadagnino of "Jersey Shore" to go toe to toe with the likes of Conan O'Brien, Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon with his own show. How do you think he'll fare? Duh! You think he's ready to tear that sh** up! And with his mom, Uncle Nino and Paula on the guest-agenda, we have no doubts either.

Since the announcement was made, fans have been reacting across Remote Control and Facebook. From references to some of Vin's famous one-liners to oh-so-insistent pleas for Pauly D to join, take a look at what Sir Guadagnino's loyal followers have said.

Remote Control:

"OMG I cant wait! So pumped--fist pumpin' already" -- Kerrie

"If she still has a Disney channel show, she's to young for you, bro." -- Tiff Greenie

"Looking forward to seeing Vinny! Yeah, buddy!" -- TheSweetestMami37


"Can't wait! I needed this to fill the hole that "Jersey Shore" is leaving. I'm happy I get to watch my favorite guido!" -- Cassie Jo H.

"Yes, my love! You keep it real and are down to earth. Always been my favorite." -- Christina S.

"It should be Vinny and Pauly D. That would definitely make me watch it!" -- Nesi B.

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