'Jersey Shore' Poll: Can Mike And Paula Go Back To Being Friends With Benefits?

We were holding onto hope that Sitch had finally found a long-term girlfriend in Paula, but things were more or less doomed as soon as "sex on the reg" was first uttered. Mike tried to tolerate Paula's sudden Jekyll-to-Hyde behavior to spare her feelings, but the "official" relationship label became too much for him to bear, and he officially ended it on tonight's "Jersey Shore."

Mike first confessed privately to Vinny and Pauly D at the house that he was considering "pulling the 'chute," but eventually word got around town (dude can't even keep his own secrets!) and made its way to Paula. When she confronted her blabby boyfriend about the rumor on the phone, he took it as confirmation that severing ties was necessary--but it would have to wait until after he and his boys went tanning. With his roommates as an audience, Mike kissed Paula goodbye--on the lips, strangely--and asked if they could go back to the way things were. And whereas most women would react to such a request with a knuckle sandwich, sweet Paula kindly obliged, commenting that "It's still not my shortest relationship." Way to take it in stride, girl.

+ Can these friends-with-benefits-turned-significant-others-turned-who-knows-what go back to square one? Take our poll, then tell us in the comments if you're disappointed in the dissolution of Maula. Pike...?

Can Mike and Paula go back to being friends with benefits?

  • Yeah, the breakup didn't seem to bother her.
  • Definitely not. They messed with the recipe and it can't be the same again.

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