First Time Meeting Your Boo's Folks? JWOWW's Got Some Advice!

The couple that goofs around together stays together. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year to freak out before meeting your boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents for the first time! But fear not, JWOWW's got some no-nonsense advice for anyone who's gearing up to spend quality time with their future maybe-in-laws this holiday season.

She keeps it fairly simple on her blog, whittling the strategy down to 5 key steps: kiss ass, look nice, make conversation, be on your best behavior and act smart. At first glance, the tips may seem like common sense, but when Jenni breaks 'em down one by one, you see there's a whole lot more that goes into something like "making conversation" than just talking a lot--which doesn't always make a good impression. She mentions it's important to not only pipe up, but to engage your sig other's parents/siblings/cousins/pet salamander/etc. by asking questions to "at least pretend you're interested." Harsh as that may sound, she's totally right--sometimes ya just gotta fake it til ya make it. Take it from the gal with a ring on it, she clearly knows how to work a crowd!

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Photo courtesy of @JENNIWOWW