The Making Of Teen Dad Jo's Music Video [Bonus Scene]

Move over, Lil Wayne, there's a new rapper on the scene. We briefly touched on Jo's forays into music when he released "Life of a Teen Father," but this season on "Teen Mom 2," Isaac's dad is diving deeper into the biz. In this bonus scene from the premiere, we catch a glimpse of Jo and the infamous Vee while they shoot his new music video. The set looks pretty legit, though it's a little weird for us to watch him snuggle up with someone other than Kail.

After the shoot wraps, Jo chats outside with his producer, Greystroke (huh?), who wonders how Kailyn will react to the vid. "Kail? Ooooohhh my God is she gonna be mad," Greystroke warns Jo, who doesn't seemed too concerned. "She's gotta understand, this is part of the job." While Jo has a point--work is work--it doesn't stop his producer from pressing the issue, asking Jo point blank if he still loves Kail. After a bit of stalling, he answers in diplomatic fashion: "I'm always gonna have feelings for her, she's my baby's mom. I want us to be together for my son."

It's nice to see Jo admitting his hope for a co-existent future with Kail, even if she's not around to hear it. Next time, maybe he'll gather up the courage to say something equally as nice to her face! Baby steps, Jo. Baby steps.

For behind the scenes footage of the video that had Kail in a tizzy, check out the clip below. And don't forget to tune in to "Teen Mom 2" every Monday night at 10/9c.

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