'Jersey Shore' Poll: How Will Paula Take The Breakup With Mike?

We almost thought he'd found The One (for Summer 2012, at least) but Mike's "relationship" with Paula is looking to be shorter than a meatball rockin' flats. Just days after making it official, "The Situation" is determined to undo what he did. Scratch it from the record.

Nanoseconds after DTR-ing at Rivoli's, when Paula brought up marriage and kids, Mike was running for the hills (well, in his head). Then came the burps, shocker gang signs, carpet surfing and Vinny's yarmulke THOSE ASS PADS. Enough was enough. Mike made it perfectly clear that he was turned off to the point of no return, and no amount of shopping trips, new hairdos and veneers could fix it. A roll of duct tape over the mouth might satisfy him, though we're pretty sure that's domestic abuse.

Paula, you're a sweetheart, but you might want to consider a page or two out of JWOWW's Rule Book. Don't mention kiddos to your seconds-old boyfriend, and don't put up with his lady-in-the-streets bulls**t--especially when he tells you to just shut up and smile.

+ How do you think Paula will react to the breakup? Watch the sneak peek of tonight's all-new "Jersey Shore" at 10/9c, then cast your vote!

How will Paula take the breakup with Mike?

  • She'll cause a scene and beat him with her ass pads.
  • She'll 'chalk it up' like a classy guidette and move on.

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