Kailyn Lowry To Chop Her Blonde Mane, Mulling Over A Miley 'Do

Kail's lovely locks just stop short of her rear.

Kailyn Lowry has gotten herself into a pretty hairy sitch. But don't worry, it's all for a good cause! The "Teen Mom 2" castie has been growing out her silky, sun-kissed strands for charity. "Almost to my butt! Then we chop it off for donation!" she tweeted Tuesday along with a shot of her hair down to her hips. Whoa, you're almost there, Kail!

The brave mom has committed to parting with her enviable blonde mane, but deciding on her next 'do? That's the hard part. So, she's been looking to a couple of edgy celebs for inspiration. "I want my hair cut like Pink & Miley but I don't think I have the face for it. #wah," she lamented on Twitter a few weeks ago. Call us crazy, but we would love to see Isaac's mama with a Miley-style makeover. She certainly has the sass -- and ink! -- to pull off the punk look. But apparently, not everyone agrees. "@KailLowry do not do that hair style," one of her followers advised.

At least we can all come together on one thing: Donating your tresses is a def hair do!

Oh, and speaking of physical transformations: Kail's giant back tat is now 50 percent complete! "it continues! Session 8! #fullbackpiece #tattoos #halfway I won't regret this, so please just shut up," she tweeted last night. Check it:

Lookin' good, Kail!

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Photo courtesy of @KailLowry