'Catfish' 10-Minute Sneak Peek: Exotic Dancer Trina Is Looking To Be Loved, Not Objectified

Don't put up your blinders yet--this is not the story of a brainless stripper in search of online love. Trina is an exotic dancer, yes, but she's really looking for a connection with a fellow human being, and on the next episode of "Catfish," Max and Nev will try to help her discover once and for all if a year-long virtual boyfriend is, in fact, the man of her dreams. Trina constantly finds herself questioning men's intentions with her occupation considered, and since "Scorpio" dances, too, she thinks she might have finally found someone who's not looking to judge or objectify her.

"I kind of look for that father figure in a man," Trina, who lost her father when she was 2, says in the 10-minute sneak peek of Act 1 below. "It seems like because of my work field, [men] just use me because they know what I'm capable of giving." And when it comes to Scorpio, Trina says she feels nothing but respect. Still, there are some definite reasons to worry--the guy hasn't agreed to meet or video chat since he first met Trina on MySpace, and, to date, has only sent Trina three photos, none of which are natural or candid. "I think there are gonna be some twist and turns," Max says, who expresses immediate doubts in the story's plausibility.

+ Take a look at the video, and tell us if you think Trina has reason to believe Scorpio could be her real love, or if she's playing the part of a fool.

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