Holiday Gifts For The Ultimate 'Challenge' Fans!

If there's one thing we know about "Challenge" fans, it's that they're almost as intense as the competitors themselves. Whether it's the show's adventure, drama or high stakes they're into, these eight items are essential for any "BOTS" wannabe. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any discount tickets to the Arena for sale (even Santa has his limits), but these items are bound to do the trick.

1. Copper Turkish Coffee Pot ($49.95 at -- When in Turkey, right? This dainty set features a copper pot, Turkish coffee and two teensy traditional cups so your "Challenge"-obsessed friend can create a "BOTS" vibe at home. Plus, caffeine is a necessity if he or she likes to party as much as the show's cast members.

2. Polaroid Dive-Rated Waterproof Camera Case ($19.99 at -- TJ's been unleashing a slew of water challenges on the crew this season. Need a new Facebook profile pic? This waterproof case is the best bet to capture epic action shots and underwater landscapes.

3. 2012 Fairfax™ CamelBak Hydration Pack ($55 at -- You may have spotted something similar to this CamelBak strapped to the teams this season--anyone recall "Logged Out" a.k.a. The Great San Diego Fall Out? When your pal wants to get in the "Challenge" spirit and hit the trails, they'll never want for H20.

4. Scripps Spelling Bee for Nintendo DS ($30.87 at -- After watching "Insane Games," we never, ever want anyone to be caught misspelling "narcissistic." Learn from Chet's mistakes and practice, practice, practice with this fun video game!

5. Altus Athletic Dumbbell Set ($41 at Big Easy slimmed down through good ol' fashioned exercise and healthy eating, and even showed Devyn a few of his tricks. And Alton is basically an Adonis who uses the house-gym 24/7...much to the ladies' approval. Whether you know someone who is starting out like Eric or is cut-from-marble like Alton, they're gonna need some personal dumbbells if there's ever an accidental donut binge.

6. National Geographic's "Our Fifty States" ($16.47 at This season includes casts from all over the country, and what better way to brush up on different "Real World" locations than with this super-comprehensive book about our great nation? Plus, there's been an uptick of brain games with "BOTS," and geography-style challenges will be a cinch after reading this baby cover-to-cover. USA! USA!

7. Ultimate Sport™ Sunblock Spray SPF 100+ ($11.49 at -- The Challengers can be a vain bunch, tanning in bikinis and showing off their perfect abs when they're not competing. This SPF 100+ will keep anyone from turning into a lobster while trekking through sand dunes.

8. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Hard Body Boot Camp ($11.63 at -- Speaking of perfect abs, there would be no "Challenge" without rock-hard bodies prancing around half naked. If you know someone who truly wants to become "Challenge"-worthy, they can start by getting into shape with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. (What? Cheerleaders are athletes too!)

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