'Restore The Shore' Sneak Peek: Snooki Cries At The Sight Of Seaside's Destroyed Boardwalk

There are all different types of tears. There are the happy ones, which, aside from the tough guys, no one really seems to mind. And then there are those other, much less welcome salty intruders. They flow when you're feeling scared and anxious, or when you're frustrated and angry, or when pure heartbreak suddenly hits you so hard you can barely catch your breath. The latter is the kind Nicole displays in the video below, as she's taken on a helicopter ride through Seaside Heights post-Hurricane Sandy. Seeing the devastation for herself--the Fun Pier rollercoaster now wading in the Atlantic, the boardwalk completely annihilated--overwhelms her to the point of crying. "We have so many memories here, and everything's just destroyed," she says, voice quivering. It's not the type of moment you're accustomed to seeing at the "Jersey Shore."

Take a look at the sneak peek of Thursday night's "Restore the Shore" fundraising special, which will feature the show's cast members as well as other celebrities, and please consider donating. You can commit to giving $10 now by texting SHORE to 85944.

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