Devyn Updates 'RW: Brooklyn' Fans On The Cast's Adopted Dog [Video]

Brooklyn is livin' large lately, owner Devyn says.

Way back when on "Real World: Brooklyn"--just before Katelynn gambled away Scott's cash loan during a house trip to Atlantic City--Devyn decided that adopting a puppy would remedy her pageant girl entitlement and teach her some responsibility. Mostly, though, it just sat calmly in a pink tote bag while the girls played cards and the guys complained that the girls always sat around playing cards. So how is the pup that came to be known as Brooklyn nowadays? Dev, a newbie to "The Challenge," recently tweeted a video of the little guy loving life, and it turns out, he might have dolphin trainer JD beat in the doggy paddle. YUP.

Below, Dev leaves her Yorkie stranded on shore as she sets out in a boat for a day of wakeboarding. But BK is NOT down for the dogshaming, and dives right into water. "When he gets mad, he's determined to get to the boat," Devyn narrates as the scruffy canine paddles, paddles, paddles his way into Devyn's open arms...and then proceeds to shake his wet coat all over her weave. That'll teach her.

Check out Devyn's video, plus take a trip down memory lane by watching the moment when Devyn first introduced Brooklyn to Sarah.

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Photo courtesy of @DevynSimone