'Jersey Shore' Holiday Gifts For The Meatballs In Your Life

"Jersey Shore" may be on its way out, but that doesn't mean you can't gift your favorite guido or guidette with something they'll cherish for years to come. These "Shore"-inspired items will ensure true fans a long-lasting connection to the folks that put GTL on the map.

1. T-shirt Time Dog T-shirt ($14.99 at shop.mtv.com) -- Is there anything cuter than dogs in clothes? The correct answer is no. "Shore" aficionados with a passion for pets will be tickled as pink as JWOWW's pups to outfit their canine for T-shirt Time.

2. L'Oreal Paris Ruby Rush Hair Dye ($9.99 at lorealparisusa.com) -- Snooki dyed her hair a ravishing red just a few days ago. Any wannabe meatball would be remiss not to follow in her fiery footsteps. Spice up the holiday season and give your friend a 'do do-over!

3. He's Just Not That Into You ($10.20 at amazon.com) -- Paula got stuck in a pretty s***ty situation this summer as Mike's girlfriend experiment. Don't let your best guidette fall into the same trap. This book irons out the gritty details of unrequited love.

4. The Meatball Shop Cookbook ($15.21 at amazon.com) -- Obviously.

5. Betsey Johnson Grrace Heels ($199.99 at zappos.com) -- Heels and spikes and everything nice, that's what guidettes are made of! Throw in some leopard print and you've got the "Shore" trifecta in this rockin' Betsey Johnson shoe. We bet Snooks has a pair for every day of the week.

6. Silicone Butt Pads ($24-$28 at lovemybubbles.com) -- A lack of junk in the trunk is a "Shore" girl's biggest travesty. These butt pads are right out of Paula's playbook, so if you're tight with a guidette that A) wouldn't think this is a wildly inappropriate gift and B) could use a bit more rumpage, why not, uh, have her back?

7. Ultimate Party Boy/Girl Shot Glasses ($29.99 at shop.mtv.com) -- Doesn't matter what you fill these babies with (though Ron-Ron Juice is our preferred drink of choice), you're guaranteed to have a Shore-tastic time when drinking from these glittery, fist-pumpingly awesome shot glasses. Guido or guidette, doesn't matter--there's a set for both!

8. "Jersey Shore" Trivia Board Game ($19.99 at shop.mtv.com) -- Your pal might claim to be the ultimate "Jersey Shore" fan, but why not have them prove it?

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