Who's The Teen Dad In This Adorable Childhood Pic?

Gary Shirley: child model.

Just when we thought we'd seen the cutest pics of MTV stars as kids, "Teen Mom"'s Gary Shirley posted a snapshot from yesteryear that gives Snooki's pre-school Instagram a run for its money in the adorable toddler category. "Look at this handsome devil guess who this is....," Gary tweeted recently along with the above pic featuring a dressed-to-impress tot worthy of the best Sears photographer in town. Little Gary works a plaid shirt-vest-combo better than any hipster we've ever seen!

Leah's dad didn't leave fans guessing for long--less than an hour after posting the image, he revealed the child's identity. And a certain shirtless stud better watch out. "For all of those who guessed matthew mcconaughey We're [sic] wrong those who guessed me were right," he tweeted. Neat trick, Gary! You even had us fooled!

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Photo courtesy of @ItsGaryTime