Nev And Max React To The First 'Catfish' Episode [Video]

A young nursing student named Sunny, the "Catfish" premiere's primary subject, certainly didn't make her feelings about the process sparse (she kept the bleep-machine running overdrive after she learned her online relationship was a sham), but what did the show's dynamic hosts, Max and Nev, think about it all? The filmmakers gave live commentary via Ustream last night so that viewers could get the inside scoop while tuned in, and if you're a fan of the show, you definitely want to give it a look!

Below, Max and Nev answer viewer questions to help deliver a more intimate sense of what brought the show to life, and where it's headed from here (a whole hour of goodness, no less!). From Nev's motivation for first putting the project together to Max's thoughts on the premiere episode's "catfish," Chelsea, it's like watching the World Series right alongside Teddy Ballgame.

+ Take a look at the clip in case you were too glued to your TV to keep up with the Ustream, and be sure to keep watching "Catfish" every Monday night at 11/10c!

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