Leah Hacks Into Corey's Email To Clear Up New Girlfriend Gossip [Sneak Peek]

The rumor mill's been a-buzzin' with stories about Corey chatting up some new ladies, so naturally, Leah takes matters into her own hands in this sneak peek of Monday's new "Teen Mom 2." To find out if there's any truth to the gossip, the mother of twins admits to her friend that she logged into his email account (hmm...guess when you're married you really do share everything?) only to find a slew of suspiciously lovey-dovey notes from a random chick. "You make me have butterflies in my stomach," Leah reads aloud. Not exaaaactly the kind of thing you want to see when you're trying to salvage a marriage.

After all the two have been through, it's no surprise Leah and Corey's ensuing phone conversation is as straightforward as deciding what's for dinner. When she asks him if he's been chatting up other girls, he answers pretty simply. "Yeah, I've been talking to girls." Guess that settles that.

Or maybe not. Leah isn't satisfied with Corey's blunt answer and questions his timing, considering they're not officially divorced yet. Things take an uncomfortable turn when Corey tries to deflect by saying, "I'm sure you've talked to guys, too," but Leah shoots the accusation down with a quick, "No, actually, I don't." So much for that angle. And though he assures her that his mystery girl wasn't the reason for their divorce but a result of it, it's clear Leah's had enough of the convo...and maybe even the entire relationship.

Watch as tensions rise between Leah and Corey in the video clip below, and tune in Monday, November 19 at 10/9c for an all new episode of "Teen Mom 2."

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