'Jersey Shore' Cast Returns To Seaside Heights Post-Sandy [Video]

The "Jersey Shore" cast will be joining us in MTV's Times Square studio Thursday night to help raise funds for their second home of Seaside Heights, which saw massive destruction from Hurricane Sandy. Just a few days ago, the group traveled to Seaside to see the devastation for themselves, and we'll be airing the experience during the telethon. Fortunately, their house and the Shore Store are still standing, but the boardwalk--their steadfast hangout for the past few summers--needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

In the video below, the crew expresses their conviction to "Restore the Shore," and urges you to donate what you can. The people of Seaside Heights need our support, so tune in Thursday night at 11/10c to join the cause and let them know we've got their back.

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