Snooki Dyes Her Hair Fire Truck Red! [Photos]

A brunette no longer! Snooki's new red hair is definitely turning heads.

Snooki going blonde? Not so much. The meatball gave us some tricky bait yesterday when she tweeted a photo of platinum-soaked locks straight from the salon, but it seems the pic wasn't representative of the final product, and that the golden hue would ultimately deepen to something even more striking. Remote Control verdict? We're digging it! Throw on a cape and a couple of bullet-deflecting metallics and we've got a sub-five-foot superhero on our hands.

"Fireball" is all that Snooks tweeted along with the photo above, which shows her Season 3 reddish tint turned up to maximum volume. It certainly does all the necessary speaking for itself--wouldn't be surprised to find a handful of embers on the floor of the car. Still, we have to say we're a little concerned Lorenzo didn't recognize his mommy by the time she made it home. Ah, well--change is inevitable. At least he'll be able to spot her in a crowd!

+ Check out Snooki's new look, and tell us if you're loving it as much as we are.

Nicole reveals the final results!

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Photos courtesy of @Snooki