Lauren Conrad Jumps On The ‘Dogshaming’ Train With New Pup Fitz [Photos]

Fitz’s face says it all: “I f***ed up.”

If you haven’t heard of Dogshaming yet, we’re thrilled to introduce this new Tumblr trend to your social media presence–via Lauren Conrad! Basically, it’s when you call your pooch out publicly for being a baaaaad, baaaad best friend. Mean? Maybe a little, but if sweet LC’s OK with it, it can’t be too criminal.

Recently we learned that the “Hills” star got a new puppy named Fitz (we cannot even handle that adorable furry face!) when she posted a photo with the caption, “Never go to the animal shelter ’just to look’… It never ends that way.” (Note to LC: They don’t call ’em puppy dog eyes for nothing.)

Like any new mom, Lauren’s become camera-obsessed! These pics are just a small sampling from her Instagram page, which is plastered with shots of the canine cutie. Such as the one above, where she–yep–dogshamed the little guy for chewing on her shoe. Hey, at least it wasn’t a Louboutin.

Lauren mugs for the camera with her furry fam, Fitz and Chloe.

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Photos: @LaurenConrad on Instagram

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