Lauren Conrad Jumps On The 'Dogshaming' Train With New Pup Fitz [Photos]

Fitz's face says it all: "I f***ed up."

If you haven't heard of Dogshaming yet, we're thrilled to introduce this new Tumblr trend to your social media presence--via Lauren Conrad! Basically, it's when you call your pooch out publicly for being a baaaaad, baaaad best friend. Mean? Maybe a little, but if sweet LC's OK with it, it can't be too criminal.

Recently we learned that the "Hills" star got a new puppy named Fitz (we cannot even handle that adorable furry face!) when she posted a photo with the caption, "Never go to the animal shelter 'just to look'... It never ends that way." (Note to LC: They don't call 'em puppy dog eyes for nothing.)

Like any new mom, Lauren's become camera-obsessed! These pics are just a small sampling from her Instagram page, which is plastered with shots of the canine cutie. Such as the one above, where she--yep--dogshamed the little guy for chewing on her shoe. Hey, at least it wasn't a Louboutin.

Lauren mugs for the camera with her furry fam, Fitz and Chloe.

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Photos: @LaurenConrad on Instagram