Mike's Post-Club Commentary Dubs Vinny's Chick 'The Thickness' [Bonus Scene]

Hey, just because Mike is wifed-up and can't get his kicks sleeping around the "Jersey Shore" anymore doesn't mean he has to stay silent about his housemates' conquests. He's got to get entertainment from somewhere, right? Sitch decides to serve up some gossip with breakfast--quite literally the most delicious looking stack of pancakes ever--in this bonus scene from last week's episode. As the boys recount the night before, Mike notes that Pauly D's girl was the slim-and-slender type, while Vinny's pull had a bit more junk in her trunk.

Once Mike declares himself off the hook for not going too crazy at Karma, he proceeds to take a few jabs at Vinny. "So what time did The Thickness leave?" he jokes. Eager to change the subject, Vin deflects the conversation back to Mike, and asks him if Paula is truly marriage material. Mike gives a Cheshire Cat-worthy grin but can't seem to string together a coherent answer, and as far as Vin is concerned, this speaks volumes.

"The fact that he can't answer us, that's not a good sign that he's going to be with her," he says.

Uh oh, is there trouble in Seaside paradise? Duh. Check out the clip:

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