Maci Bookout And The 'Teen Mom 2' Cast Urge You To Help 'Restore The Shore' [Video]

Seaside Heights, the day after Hurricane Sandy hit.

Two weeks have passed since Hurricane Sandy pummeled the Northeast, and while modern essentials such as electricity and public transportation are finally back on track, there are countless people whose lives will be affected long after the name "Sandy" has disappeared from the newspapers. Immediate inconveniences have been fixed; now it's time to rebuild our towns.

The Jersey Shore was among the worst areas affected by the storm, and the people of Seaside Heights--a place very dear to us at MTV, for obvious reasons--need to know that we're all in this with them. On Thursday at 11/10c, the network will air a live fundraiser asking for donations to help repair the damage to the area's homes and businesses, and put residents back on their feet. Many of our shows' talent will be in attendance, but before then, Maci Bookout, as well as Kailyn and Chelsea from "Teen Mom 2," have a special message to drive home the importance of contributing to the relief efforts. Check it out, and please consider making a $10 donation now (text SHORE to 85944) or during MTV's "Restore the Shore" telethon Thursday night.

Watch the full "Restore The Shore" special below!

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Photo: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News