'Catfish' Poll: Could You Have Forgiven Chelsea For Lying?

It was around the time on the "Catfish" premiere when Sunny, a 21-year-old nursing student, told Chelsea, a teenager, "You need to be in a psych ward or something...you have no conscience," that things started to look a little bleak between the two. And understandably so. Sunny was in an online relationship with a model named Jamison that she had come to love, but she'd never seen her boyfriend, and only communicated with him through phone calls, text messages and web chats. Finally, with the help of Nev, Sunny decided to meet the mystery man in person, only to find out that Chelsea had been posing as Jamison for the length of the couple's eight-month-long virtual romance. When Chelsea copped to her wrongdoings, Sunny's clenched fists looked ready to do battle, especially since Chelsea didn't show a shred of regret.

After taking some time to process being caught, Chelsea admitted to Nev that her penchant for lying online stemmed from hurt she'd experienced from being bullied by classmates. And when it came to her fake Facebook profile, she said it started as a ploy to get revenge on one particular bully at school, but that it got out of hand, and she wound up messing with complete strangers for no reason at all. "It was hard for me to tell Sunny, ' You know, I pretty much screwed you over for eight months,'" Chelsea said, but when she finally did plead her case, Sunny got a sense of Chelsea's hurt, and ultimately forgave her. "We've made it this far," she said. "There's gotta be a reason why this has all happened."

+ Tell us if you would have been able to forgive Chelsea after hearing her side of the story.

Could you have forgiven Chelsea for lying about who she is?

  • No, that level of deceit is unforgiveable.
  • I think so. It was clear she felt remorse.

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