Vinny Guadagnino Gets His Own MTV Show!

"Jersey Shore" will face its final days before the new year hits, but 2013 is clearing plenty of space for the history-making series' cast members. Not only will "Snooki & JWOWW" see a second season, but we can now officially announce that Vinny Guadagnino, a.k.a. The Guido Whisperer, is set to have his own MTV show. Dem apples lookin' foyne, sir!

In "The Show with Vinny," Staten Island's very own Deepak Chopra will host a slew of celebrities inside his family's humble digs, where VIPs such as Vin's mom, Paula, and his oddball Uncle Nino can regularly be seen living up to their respective saint and sinner reputations. Guests will be treated to some snacks (maybe even Sunday dinner, if they're lucky) while being chatted up by the best-selling author about a number of off-the-cuff topics (possibly something along the lines of this?). In a nutshell, it's "Wayne's World" without the morons and mullets.

"Vinny's unique mix of humor, intelligence, curiosity and heart make him the perfect choice for this genre-busting take on the interview format," said Chris Linn, MTV Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of Production. "As the lives of the 'Jersey Shore' cast evolve, we are excited to explore new ground while still delivering the laughs and surprises that fans have come to expect from the franchise."

It's true: When one door closes, another one opens...and this one has homemade cooking inside.

+ We always knew Vinny could hold his own--check out his first hosting gig on's "VIP Lounge"!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer