Paula's Love Letter Lands Her Back In Mike's Good Graces [Bonus Scene]

After catching wind of the fact that Sitch's squeeze, Paula, left a love letter for her boyfriend (a noticeable trend in MTV-land) on the last "Jersey Shore," Vinny did his boy Mike a favor by reading the note aloud to the class (and, by that, we of course mean the Sunday Dinner table). It was a performance that would make any monologue coach proud, and in the bonus scene below, Mike finally seems ready to cast away his doubts and recommit to Paula. Ah, true love prevails.

"I'm sure that Paula's note is a gift, because every time she opens up her mouth, it's a curse," Mike observes. Vin takes hold of the work, clears his throat and imitates Paula. "Hiiiii sweetie!" he begins, as laughter belts forth from the peanut gallery. "I hope you had a swelllll weekend! I misssss you." Predictably, there are a whole bunch of elongated words and greeting card sentiments to come--but it's all the language of love to Mike, who says it earns Paula the title of his "Ride Or Die Chick."

Still, Jenni has some doubts. Always a lady of few words, she sums up what everyone else is thinking with a simple, "Don't f*** it up."

+ Check out the video, and tell us if Paula's pen would be enough to win you over!

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