Happy 28th Birthday To 'Challenge' Stud CJ!

"Only as old as you feel, lol," Trey tweeted this morning, and ain't it the truth! But that was just one of the many "BOTS" birthday messages that landed in CJ's Twitter feed as he rang in the big 2-8. Between genuine affection from Nany, a brotherly jab from Zach and Trey's words of wisdom, happy wishes kept a flowin' all throughout the day. See, they really are all friends IRL!

Unfortunately, at the time of publish, @AshleyMarieMTV hadn't sent CJ a Twitter shout out...yet. Looks like his love letter didn't work after all. But that's okay, we're sure Zach calling him "the prettiest guy I know" more than makes up for her neglect. Zach sure knows how to make a guy feel special, especially an OLD guy. Kidding, CJ! You're a spring chicken compared to Mark...

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Photo: Rene Cervantes